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The Graphic design learner has to develop some competencies, attitudes and behavioural traits that will allow her or him to be very proficient in his chosen profession or discipline of research. These attitudes and behavioural patterns don't come by likelihood. The novice Graphic artist or learner has to domesticate these traits as he undertakes his initiatives patiently and with the best care. A few of these competencies, attitudes, and behaviours have been mentioned beneath.

1. Potential to observe- The learner has to develop the flexibility to make essential and severe remark and examination of issues within the atmosphere with the view of constructing an correct or exact illustration of the item or kind. It contains the essential remark of linear patterns, variations of shapes, textures, gradation or tones of colours of pure and artificial objects discovered within the atmosphere.

2. Potential to make use of reminiscence and creativeness to derive and develop ideas- That is the learner's potential to make use of his or her personal creativeness to create issues without resorting to copying from already present objects. He ought to domesticate the perspective of brainstorming new and related concepts that can be utilized in creating helpful Graphic merchandise.

3. Potential to pre-image/ visualize and make designs of items- The learner ought to have the ability to use his senses particularly the sense of sight to foresee or visualize how the concept imagined can be utilized in creating designs which in flip could be translated into objects.

4. Potential to translate concepts and paper designs into three-dimensional objects to unravel issues or fulfil an recognized want utilizing the design and know-how process- Designs are two-dimensional in kind or flat. These paper designs are sometimes generated into three-dimensional kinds. The learner has to have the ability to meticulously comply with the steps within the design and know-how course of to supply purposeful objects. He ought to have the mastery to have the ability to translate designs on paper into free standing objects.

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5. Dexterity and inventive use of instruments, tools and a wide range of materials- This refers back to the environment friendly use of the instruments and supplies. This includes the right dealing with of the instruments to execute the work. The learner has to know the character and really feel of the instruments and supplies in order that he can use them appropriately to offer the fitting impact within the paintings.

6. Application of data and understanding to fixed observe for proficiency and perfection- The learner ought to finally intention at reaching perfection within the varied strategies of inventive manufacturing. He ought to have the ability to persistently apply the data that he had acquired by means of fixed observe to supply objects with nice proficiency or talent.


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