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Product Description
Medium carbon steel wire has a carbon content of 0.45. It is mainly used for manufacturing screw steel wire, tyre steel wire, banding wire, etc., if it has good tensile toughness and long fatigue life.The surface treatment of medium carbon steel wire is phosphating or oiling.
Specification of Medium carbon steel wire
1. Product Name: Medium carbon steel wire
2. Material: 45#,HPB235
3. Dia: 0.5-8.0mm
4. Application: Making springs, steel ropes, cable wires, mattress ,banding wire
5. Loading Capacity: About 20tons in one 20's containe
6. MOQ: 1 Ton
7. Dilivery time: 15 days for one 20 feet container
Tensile Strength (GB4357-89)
The tensile strength mainly refers to the domestic standard gb43577-89 GRADE B, and can also be processed and customized according to the special requirements of customers.
Product Pictures
Product Features
1. Medium carbon steel wire is stronger than low carbon wire due to its high carbon content;
2. This material has good formability, can be moderately bent or flattened, and can be rolled;
3. The strength of the medium carbon steel wire is mainly a function of its carbon content and increases as the carbon content increases. The ductility of carbon steel decreases as its carbon content increases;
4. Medium carbon steel wire has good surface finish when used for plating and painting.
Production process
1. Q: Is OEM/ODM acceptable?
A: Yes,we are professional in steel making for 20 years,and carbon steel wire is also as our spring raw material,so the quality is guaranteed .
2. Q: Are your a factory or a trading company?
A: We have our own factory.
3. Q: Is the sample free? How soon I can get the sample?
A:  we supply you free sample,you pay for the express cost, which can be shipped in 3 days.Steel Wire for sale


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