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Grade H pre-impregnated material for dry type transformers is a  flexible composite made with polyimide,Nomex or other materials with temp. index over 180. It is phase B pre-impregnated with thermal upgraded  resin after baking process. The product has very high mechanical properties, and has very high dielectric and thermal upgraded properties. After winding with copper or aluminum foils, the insulation layers are very solid  after heating process. there is nearly no low molecular volatilization during vacuum drying process, and the shrinkage is very low. This product is ideal insulating material for Grade H layer insulating between foil coils in dry-type transformers, and for other Grade H insulating in motors and other electrical appliance.
The standard color is clay bank or colorless. Tail-made colors are available.
Product Classification
According to JB/T2197, the model of Grade H pre-impregnated material for dry type transformers:
base materials are polyimide film and Nomex paper: 6450 ( NHN )
base materials are polyimide film and non-alkali glass fiber faberics: 6452 ( GHG )
base materials are polyimide film and non-woven PET fiber composite: 6453 ( SHS)
Curing Condition
To cure under temp. 100℃ ± 5℃ for 4 hours, then to increase the temp. to 140℃ ± 5℃ for 6 hours, or under 150±5℃, for 4 hours.
The product should be stored in dry, clean and well-ventilated warehouse under 30 ℃ . The fire, heat sources and direct sunshine should be avoided. The shelf life is recommended to be one year. The longer storage period must be approved by lab test before using.
Main Propertieswholesale Dry Transformer Insulation Paper


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