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About Us
Taizhou Leader Mould Co.,Ltd has a strict quality management system and efficient working team .We specialize in the production of plastic injection moulds ,covering a wide range.Including commodity moulds,paint bucket moulds,plastic crate moulds,turnover box moulds,chair and stool moulds,disposable tableware moulds,PET perform moulds,bottle cap moulds,etc.
Our advanced equipment can meet the requirements of various injection moulds.We have established a complete CAD/CAM/CAE system,and we believe that every day we learn the basic knowledge,upgrade our equipment ,and provide our customers with a better future.
The companyhas a set of advanced mold processing system .Advanced equipment,strong sense of service,dedicated employeesm,we are willing to provide the best service at the lowest cost ,which is the company鈥檚 guidelines.
With confidence in quality ,service and price ,we maintain long-term business relationships with customers from India,Russia,New Zealand,Sri Lanka,Puerto Rico and Nigeria.
We are highly praised and recognized by our customers.We sincerely look forward to your visit and cooperation.
Our service: Supply mould parts within one year ,only charge cost price after one year5 Gallon Bottle Cap Plastic Mould factory


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